Lost in Play is a journey through childhood imagination with a hand-crafted style similar to animated shows from years gone by. While the team behind Lost in Play wanted to go with an animated style in order to entice and welcome younger players, it also turns out they were looking to channel some of their own childhood favorites as well.

In an interview with Games Industry, Xsolla co-founder Yuval Markovich opened up about the inspirations behind the look at Lost in Play. Not surprisingly, they pulled from some fan-favorite cartoons over the years, as well as a few you might not be aware of.

“In terms of the animation style and look, we were really inspired by Gravity Falls, Hilda, and Over the Garden Wall. Also, a lot of stuff that we used to watch as children like Marco [known as 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother in many territories], a Japanese anime about an Italian boy who is trying to find his mother.”

[Xsolla co-founder Yuval Markovich]

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