Nintendo always loves to do their own thing, to the point that it can be hard to understand sometimes. Today happens to be one of those days, as Nintendo has just confirmed that they’re skipping Europe’s biggest gaming event of the year.

Nintendo has announced that they won’t be attending Gamescom 2024, and while they’ve shared a statement on the matter, it does little to explain why they won’t be there. In a statement to Games Wirtschaft, Nintendo had this to say (h/t VGC)

“Gamescom is a central event in Nintendo’s event calendar. This year, however, after careful consideration, we decided against taking part in Cologne. Instead, players can try out the games for Nintendo Switch as part of other Germany-wide events.”

Nintendo skipped Gamescom back in 2022 as well, and their explanation for not attending is nearly identical to the statement above. It just seems Nintendo would rather keep things a bit quiet this year as they no doubt work on the successor to Switch.

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3M ago

I’d have to assume they have they’re own events planned following a potential summer reveal of the new hardware. That or they will tease it in the fall, the same way they did with the switch, and at that point Gamescom then becomes way too early to feature anything for the new console. What’s interesting is that we will most likely see games at Gamescom that will inevitably be released on their next machine, but the devs won’t be able to talk about it.