For the first time since launch, Pokémon GO is receiving an update to its avatar system. With the new update to both the Style Shop and avatars, Trainers have access to a wider range of expression with upgraded cosmetics to flaunt their unique style wherever they play.

The new avatar system provides exciting new ways for Trainers to express themselves with requested features from the community. Trainers can now personalize their avatar by adjusting body shape, size, eye color, skin tones, and new hairstyles.

For more information about the new avatar system, please check out the official blog post.

[Press release]

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3M ago

I don't know what the Devs were thinking. I am traumatized looking at my avatar rn


3M ago

I also have mixed feelings about the new avatar options they created. It looks like they were focused on people replicating what they actually look like instead of what they WANT to look like. And even then, the options are limited and shallow. They mostly gave us ways to make our avatars overweight.


3M ago

This new update is also giving me some mixed feelings. I like the ability to be able to customize your avatar more, but, the options given are not great. I miss the more "cartoony" aspect over the more "real" look they were going for. Especially because of the disproportionality. I definitely miss the old avatars, but I am hopeful that Niantic will potentially see the feedback from the community and move forward in a way that is liked more by the players.