There’s a few rumors surrounding the Switch that have been floating around for multiple years now. One of those pertains to both The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD making their way to Switch. The discussion has once again picked up steam recently, and while Nintendo isn’t talking about the topic, a developer that worked with Nintendo has.

Tantalus was one of the teams Nintendo worked with to release The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. You’d think if the game was brought over to Switch, Tantalus would be involved once again. According to Tantalus CEO Tom Crago, who spoke on an episode of the Fragments of Silicon podcast, Tantalus hasn’t been contacted about a potential port.

“No, and look, we’d obviously love to do that, but that hasn’t been a priority for Nintendo – or at least not in conversations that they’ve had with us.”

[Tantalus CEO Tom Crago]

Of course, there’s a few different ways to look at this. First off, you could think that Mr. Crago is telling the truth. Second, and maybe more likely, it would be really hard to imagine a situation where Tantalus was asked to bring the game over to Switch, yet also given permission to talk about it openly. If Tantalus was working on the project, it would be much more likely that Nintendo would have them staying hush-hush. Third, just because Tantalus worked on Twilight Princess HD doesn’t mean Nintendo would work with them again to port the game to Switch.

All possible, and all speculation at this point. For now, I guess the best option is to take what Mr. Crago says as legit. It may not be the answer we want, but it’s as close as we’ll get to an official statement.

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Millions of fake insiders cried out and were suddenly silenced.


2y ago

Millions of fake insiders cried out and were suddenly silenced.


2y ago

Nintendo may not need the help of Tantalus to release Twilight Princess HD on Switch. They did their work for its release on Wii U. It's a complete game, any minor tweaks, Nintendo can probably handle themselves.

It's not like Skyward Sword HD that Tantalus helped work on, another game originally released on Wii(though TP is a GC game) that needed quality of life improvements and brought into the HD age.

It's like if Skyward Sword HD were now to be ported to the next system in the future, Nintendo similarly probably wouldn't need their help.


2y ago

sligeach_eire is right on this one. Why would they need Tantalus for a simple port?


2y ago

The other comments are interesting here...yes, they don't technically "need" Tantalus for a port, I'm sure it's possible they could just do it on their own. But Tantalus did the main development on the original version, so they would still very likely require discussions with them in order to bring it over, even if it's just for things as simple as giving proper credits, or consulting on coding. It is possible they do it without them AT ALL but I kinda doubt they would.


2y ago

I think in this case it would just be a copy/paste operation dragging the file from the WiiU folder into the Switch folder.
Kidding! :)


2y ago

Doesn't matter to me. Just started playing Twilight Princess on Wii U (finally) and loving every minute. By the time it maybe comes out I'll probably skip the purchase.

Nintendo owns every facet of the game, including any new code from the Wii U version of the game Tantalus worked on. They can modify the code themselves or contract literally anyone to do it without needing to involve Tantalus at all. And while it's sucky, it isn't necessary for game companies to credit anyone in the game. And even bare minimum, they could just write "Original game developed by Tantalus" and literally that's it, as many games have done something similar. There is nothing stopping Nintendo from using on of their teams, going to Grezzo for it, etc.


2y ago


Also we don’t need another version of TP to play on the go. Gives us Grezzo remakes of the Oracle games!