The team behind Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition already revealed that work on the project took much longer than they expected. It’s obvious there were a lot of challenges to tackle, but what took the most effort? In an internal Square Enix interview, Producer Koichiro Sakamoto opened up about what led to the biggest struggle with this remaster.

It’s a real shame, but unfortunately the game program and graphical data weren’t preserved in their complete form. That means that at the start of development, we couldn’t recreate the original version on any hardware other than the PlayStation.

…By investigating the data that had been preserved, and by playing the game ourselves, we were able to determine what was missing, and worked to add it back in. I can only express the deepest gratitude for the tremendous efforts of the companies involved with development of this remaster!

Many fans were happy to see Chrono Cross come back with Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, as they felt it offered a little glimmer of hope for the franchise’s return. Surely if Square Enix took time to bring back this title, they would at least consider a new installment, right?

Unfortunately, Producer Koichiro Sakamoto shot that down when the question came up. In an extremely straightforward manner, Sakamoto said, “there are no plans at the moment (for a new entry). I don’t know what the future holds either.”

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2y ago

I dont care for a sequel at this point but: CHRONO TRIGGER in HD/2D please!