Art via Ragrunzel on Instagram
Art via Ragrunzel on Instagram

There are many, MANY unanswered questions about the Legend of Zelda live-action movie in the works. It’s likely going to be a long time until we have any of them answered, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.

Wes Ball, Director on the Legend of Zelda movie, recently took part in a Reddit AMA where plenty of people tried to pry out some details on the film. Ball remained mostly quiet, speaking quite vaguely on the project. Still, that hasn’t stopped other outlets from trying to glean a detail or two. had the chance to chat with Ball, and they asked him one question that fans have been wondering ever since the movie was announced. Will Link’s silver screen debut see the character actually speak? Not surprisingly, Ball wasn’t ready to share the final word just yet.

“A or B or C. I’ll just have it like the game – you just have a little dialogue boxes pop up in the movie and you pick which one you want. Link does communicate to villagers all over through the game, you just don’t hear his voice.”

[Director Wes Ball]

Ball’s answer seems to leave enough wiggle room for either option, but it would be pretty surprising to see Link’s quiet nature translate onto the big screen. When was the last time you saw a live-action film where the main character was never seen uttering a single word? A talkative Link seems like a given for this movie, but let’s hope he remains a tad stoic, rather than a chatterbox.

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3M ago

I just wonder what Ganon's up to?


3M ago

I’ve got no problem with him speaking, as long as his personality seems authentic. The director is right, he’s not a mute they just don’t show his dialogue outside the boxes you select.