The Nintendo World Championships were a big deal in the early 90s, with Nintendo bringing together all kinds of players to test their skills in various NES games. Nintendo would eventually bring back the Nintendo World Championships in 2015, but they once again went dormant in 2017. Now, according to a rumor, it could be time to see this series revived once more.

Pyoro is the go-to insider when it comes to Nintendo news. Whoever Pyoro is, they’ve made it abundantly clear that they have some very strong connections to Nintendo. Time and time again, Pyoro has leaked information that’s been spot-on. Now they’re back at it again, teasing fans with a single image.

Pyoro took to X to share a picture of a Nintendo World Championships cartridge from 1990. They did so without any explanation for the image. That has of course led to all sorts of speculation, with fans wondering what exactly the image means.

There are all sorts of ways this tease could be interpreted. Is Nintendo bringing back the Nintendo World Championships? Could we see some of the NWC game versions make their way to Switch Online? Is this an even deeper tease that we’re yet to decipher the true meaning of? All guesses are valid at this point!

We’ll keep an eye on Pyoro going forward to see if they offer any clarity on this tease. Until then, let the speculation run wild!

UPDATE: Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition has been rated by the ESRB for Switch. (h/t VGC) You can read the game’s description below.

This is a collection of 2D challenges and platformer games in which players traverse through various modes (e.g., speedrun, survival). Several challenges involve reaching specific points, while others prompt players to defeat small enemies or survive brief battles. Some games depict pixelated characters using small swords or arrows to strike at enemies; enemies typically get stunned or disappear in a flash.


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3M ago

The previous NWCs were a ton of fun. Way more to my liking than standard esports fare. Less like NFL or FIFA, more like the Olympics. I figured they were over once Reggie left. I’d love to be wrong.


3M ago

It would be a nice replacement event for E3 this year. Go for it!


3M ago

I can't even get mad. It's my own fault for letting my imagination run wild.


3M ago

Sweden used to have national versions of these, even if its just the american version which had some "celebrities and invites", there is no way they should miss inviting Akke by default concidering he won i think 3 times in our very stacked championships over here(compared scores to norways version had it was a clearly much harder competition here). I miss the times of grinding hard for highscores in random games, like the depth of the score attack in yoshis touch and go for example was cool (as long as you played it with 5 min self imposed timer, gridning to max score just standing still aint as good).


3M ago

So ... Somebody thought this was actually worth leaking?

cheesus 2

3M ago

Man I'm still waiting on some real news