How quickly could you collect a roomful of coins in Super Mario Bros.? Or snag the sword at the start of The Legend of Zelda? Or clear the entire first course in Super Mario Bros. 3? Could you do it faster than your friends? OK — can you do it faster than the rest of the world? Well, it’s time to find out!

On July 18, the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition game kicks off its worldwide — or just living room-bound — competition on the Nintendo Switch family of systems! And for those whose NES roots run deep, prepare for the nostalgia-plosion that is the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition – Deluxe Set. This special-edition bundle includes a physical version of the game, a set of 5 collectible pins, 13 art cards commemorating each of the featured NES classics, and a replica of the fabled gold-colored NES Game Pak (for display only, stand included) to commemorate the original 1990 Nintendo World Championships event. Perfect for collectors, and for raising above your head in victory!


The Japanese version of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition is slightly different, as you can see in the image above. Outside of being named Nintendo World Championships: Famicom Edition, Japanese customers get different artwork due to different game boxes, but they also get Famicom-style controllers instead of the gold NES cartridge NA/EU are getting.

As for more details on Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition in general, you can find the breakdown below.

Paying tribute to the unforgettable in-person Nintendo World Championships held in 1990, 2015 and 2017, Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition challenges players to battle through bitesized bits of classic blockbusters. Both old-school and new-school players can enjoy the rush of over 150 speedrun challenges taken from 13 classic NES games. Warm up by setting and beating your own best times in the single-player Speedrun Mode – unlocking new challenges and unique in-game pins along the way – then up to 8 players* can compete locally in Party Mode. Nintendo Switch Online members** can also enter World Championships Mode to submit their best times in five challenges that rotate each week and compete for a spot on the global leaderboard. Test your mettle against speedrun challenges taken from these NES titles:

• Balloon Fight

• Donkey Kong

• Excitebike

• Ice Climber

• Kid Icarus

• Kirby’s Adventure

• Metroid

• Super Mario Bros.

• Super Mario Bros. 2

• Super Mario Bros. 3

• Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels

• The Legend of Zelda

• Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

It’s time to etch your own name into gaming history. Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition – Deluxe Set ($59.99 MSRP) and the digital version of the game ($29.99 MSRP) are available for pre-order at Best Buy, GameStop, Target and other select retailers. Also, those seeking the most authentic NES feel can snag a pair of optional Nintendo Entertainment System controllers*** ($59.99 MSRP), available to paid Nintendo Switch Online members

Last but not least, you can get an even deeper look at the game thanks to the official Japanese website. You can find that here, but you can also watch a guided tour below!

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2M ago

This could be fun. These are the the games I grew up with. If it's appropriately priced, I'll probably get it... and hope for a SNES edition later.

I also think it would be neat if they they expanded the amount of games and challenges included.


2M ago

Might be fun indeed, but will there be a live event?


2M ago

I'm beyond confused by this one, I already spend $35 a year on an online family plan that has all these games included. Why would I spend another $30-$60 for those same games but cut up in tiny pieces? I hate being negative but this feels so low effort, that it's not even worth paying attention to.

Was it too hard to port over NES Remix? That's basically the same concept, yet somehow substantially more despite being 10 years old.


2M ago

You know what would be cool? A collection of FULL NES games that you can buy and ACTUALLY OWN.


2M ago

Dang. Japan's version looks much nicer.