Nintendo fans have been hungry for Switch successor info for months now, but that’s gone into overdrive this week, and it’s all thanks to Nintendo saying they’ll be sharing the first, official details on the hardware sometime this fiscal year.

While we wait for Nintendo to give us that first real drop of details, the industry insiders and superfans are making the internet rounds trying to figure out anything and everything about this hardware. That leads us to the latest rumor, which supposedly gives us some insight into the platform’s specs.

Some incredibly dedicated Nintendo fans have gone out of their way to track shipment and customs data between Nintendo, NVIDIA, and other companies, all in the hopes of gleaning details on Switch’s follow-up. Those efforts may have paid off recently, as tracking info has returned the following tech details:

  • 12 GB RAM (two 6 GB 7500 MT/s LPDDR5 modules)
  • 256 GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage
  • built-in microphone
  • RAM is specifically LPDDR5X

Now as always, nothing is confirmed until Nintendo says so. With that in mind, you’d have to think that the sources behind this info lead to the info itself being at least somewhat trustworthy. As Nintendo never shares tech specs on their platforms, we likely won’t know if this leak is legit until we have the hardware in our hands.

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2M ago

12 GB of RAM would be great. On top of that, I’ve been thinking for a while that if Nintendo wants to keep adding consoles to NSO, the console needs microphone (like DS) and speakers (like Wii) built into the controllers and console


2M ago

Seems like a realistic expectation. I'm on team real. I love the build up to a new Nintendo console. Starting to get really excited now.


2M ago

This needs to be the final fest for Splatoon 3. The winning team gets to decide the specs.


2M ago

For some reason I read 'build in microscope' ... Potentially to blow up and get a fullscreen pixel? But why..? O_ o Ooh I see it was a build in microphone : /


2M ago

The RAM part would be no surprise if true. Microphone? Sure, but for what use? Hope for gaming stuff.


2M ago

Was always surprised the Switch didn’t have a built-in microphone considering DS/3DS and Wii U all had one. Would be much appreciated for a host of reasons.

(Also surprised there’s no camera.)


2M ago


Backwards compatibility with any game that ever used a microphone, for starters. I’m thinking eventual NSO console apps


2M ago

256 is too small... should be 1TB. Not that I download much but it should be the standard now.