Monster Hunter Stories is coming to Switch on June 14th, 2024, giving Switch owners a chance to check out a 3DS game they might have missed the first time around. For all intents and purposes, this will be the definitive way to experience Monster Hunter Stories, but one bit of fun collaborative content is being left exclusive to 3DS.

Some might remember that Capcom and Nintendo teamed up on Monster Hunter Stories to release a special bit of Legend of Zelda-themed content. The game offered Zelda fans the chance to snag some Link and Epona-themed DLC, where your main character could dress as Link and ride on an Epona-themed horse, complete with a Majora’s Mask-inspired Felyne. Sadly, that DLC isn’t make the jump to Switch.

While Capcom didn’t elaborate on why, producer Yoshihiro Akira confirmed in an interview with Nintendo Life that the DLC will remain forever locked on 3DS. Capcom did specifically say “collaboration contents from outside Capcom,” won’t be included, so that makes it sound like Capcom-developed DLC will eventually make the jump over.

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mock turtle

2M ago

Not having Navirou follow you around in a horrifying Skull Kid cosplay is a loss, but unfortunately Epona is really only for novelty. By the time you can play that sidequest, she's way too weak to use for the part of the game you're in. Same goes for the Link armor.