Remember any big Nintendo rumors between 2013 and 2018? How about leaks that turned out to be true? If so, we now know that some of them are apparently due to a Google employee that was snooping around in spots they shouldn’t have been. (h/t VGC)

According to a report from 404 Media, a Google employee with access to Nintendo’s YouTube account, and they helped themselves to some sneak peeks at various videos Nintendo had uploaded and made private. The information gleaned from those vvideos was then disseminated online in some shape or form.

Apparently there was an internal interview following these leaks, and Google deemed the leaks as “non-intentional,” although we’re not exactly sure what that means. How do you look at private videos and not know that you shouldn’t be sharing that information publicly? We sadly don’t have those details, but you can rest assured Google is keeping a much tighter lid on YouTube videos since these incidents.

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2M ago

'non-intentional'? Some people fart only to wind up crapping their pants. That's the definition of non-intention, Google


2M ago

How long until Gemini starts acting up and producing leaks?