Capcom asked fans to speak up on what they want to see from the company and those fans have spoken loudly. The results of the Capcom Super Election survey have been shared, and over 254k vote have been cast. Now let’s get into what people want to see!

As far as franchises go, Devil May Cry 5 and Dino Crisis were chosen as Capcom fans’ favorite game, and there was a multitude of options to pick from. Those were the top of the global charts, but over in Japan, Okami and two titles from the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy were in the top 3.

As far as favorite characters go, the top 3 globally were Dante, Leon Scott Kennedy, and X from the Mega Man X series. In Japan, Phoenix Wright snagged the #2 spot. Jill Valentine and Regina from Dino Crisis were the favorite female Capcom characters among men, and Chun-Li followed Jill Valentine for women.

As far as what franchise fans want to see a new game for, Dino Crisis was number one globally, followed by Mega Man and Devil May Cry. In Japan specifically, Ace Attorney took the top spot. In terms of remakes, something very interesting took the top spot. A whopping 87k people said that the game they wanted remade wasn’t offered as a selection in the poll, which was followed by Onimusha and Breath of Fire trilogy remakes.

In terms of complaints, Capcom fans said they want the company to reboot classic Capcom franchises. In second place were respondents who said they had no issues with how Capcom is handling business.

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Ace Attorney getting the love it deserves.