Hatch Tales delayed to Aug. 23rd, 2024 (UPDATE)

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11 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Developer Atooi has announced that their upcoming title Hatch Tales has been delayed yet again.

Back in September 2023, Atooi announced that Hatch Tales would be coming to Switch on March 28, 2024. Hatch Tales was originally crowdfunded via Kickstarter all the way back in 2018, but has yet to be released. Unfortunately, Atooi hasn’t been able to accomplish their goals quite yet, so the title was delayed once more to June 21st, 2024. Now that date is being changed once again, and the title is now arriving on Aug. 23rd, 2024.

Hatch Tales is a 2D platformer based on Atooi’s Chicken Wiggle on the 3DS. The main character is a flightless bird named Hatch, who uses his grappling hook to get across obstacles. Stay tuned for more info, which should be coming in sometime before June.

UPDATE: We now have a full statement concerning the game’s delay, along with the announcement of new gameplay footage coming 10 days from now. You can read the statement below.

**Despite our best efforts to complete the final polish phase of Hatch Tales sooner, more time is needed to ensure the game delivers the exceptional experience we strive for. The last thing we want to do is further delay the game, but we cannot release the game before it is ready. Our dedication to producing a high quality player experience requires many layers of iteration, polish, and bug squashing. The revised release date for Hatch Tales is August 23, 2024.

The hard work the team has poured into the creation of Hatch Tales is markedly noticeable in the game. We are thrilled with the results and excited to share the fruits of our labor with everyone. Today we are sharing four new carefully selected screenshots that demonstrate previously unseen features and we will also have a special Hatch Tales Deep Dive Showcase available on Atooi’s YouTube channel on June 21, 2024 (https://www.youtube.com/@Atooi), which will reveal and explore many new and exciting features.

We sincerely appreciate our community’s ongoing support and patience as we work diligently to finish the game. Thank you for your understanding.**

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1M ago

C'mon Jools...
Things like this are why I will never, ever, back a KickStarter. If I pay for something I expect it in a reasonable amount of time. No matter how you try to spin it, six years later is just ridiculous (and it hasn't released yet, if this isn't actually the last delay it could end up being seven or eight years before it finally does release for all we know.)

Like, I expect that amount of development time from a AAA game, but this is far from it. The base game has already been done on 3DS since 2017, wasn't this supposed to basically be the same game, but with improved graphics and a couple of minor additions? It's funny that someone in that thread the above post links to suggests Jools may have ADD or something, because I think the same thing every time I hear about this game getting delayed, and Treasurnauts which has been perpetually stuck in development hell for over a decade. We didn't really need that quick and dirty port of Dementium on Switch and PS5 when there are paying customers waiting for this game. Plus, I feel he might think Dementium is a better game than it actually is for it to have gotten that preferential treatment.

While I didn't back the KickStarter myself, I did enjoy the game on 3DS and planned to get it on Switch as soon as it was announced. The problem now is that it's mid-2024 and I don't buy Switch games anymore because I'm waiting for the next console. Assuming this is also coming to Steam, maybe I'll catch it in a Humble Bundle a few years down the line.