If you’re a fan of physical game releases, there’s no company worth paying attention to more than Limited Run Games. The publisher is cranking out physical copies of Switch and legacy platform titles left and right, and next week we’re going to get a great look at what their future lineup has to offer.

Limited Run Games has announced that their next showcase, titled LRG3 2024, is set to air June 20th, 2024 at 2 PM ET. In specific, LRG says the showcase will reveal “upcoming physical and digital releases in 2024 and beyond.”

In recent years LRG has been stepping up as a publisher of games in general, bringing out titles both digitally and physically. While their focus is still very much boxed copies of games, they’re also helping bring some titles to the digital space as well. Looks like we can expect more of that along with their retail efforts this year as well.


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Here's hoping for Persona 4 Arena ULTIMAX and Kanon.