Enter a new era of Warframe, July 19-20 at TennoCon 2024! Last year’s unforgettable TennoLive Demo introduced us to the Arthur Protoframe as he battled his way through an Infested subway in the all-important year of 1999. Join Digital Extremes for TennoCon 2024 as the team asks: What happened to Albrecht Entrati? It will soon be time to track down where he’s gone and unveil his lingering secrets…

Digital Extremes is offering an array of ways players, community and partners alike can participate in its annual convention for all things Warframe at TennoCon 2024.

In-game TennoCon 2024 Relay: Saturday, July 20 will see Warframe players able to access the TennoCon 2024 Relay through the in-game star chart. Themed around the upcoming Warframe: 1999 update, players will have the opportunity to jump in, congregate (and emote!) to show off their best Fashionframe with friends.

Live stream freebies: Link your Twitch and Warframe accounts in advance or watch on Steam for a chance to claim rare drops throughout the day, including a free Saryn Prime from the previously unobtainable Prime Vault or Arthur’s AX-52 weapon. Check out the TennoCon Digital Extras page for more information.

Giveaways and contests on the road to TennoCon 2024: Starting today, players can enter to individually win an MSI Claw and a Warframe Champion hat. Through a new partnership with Razer, players can also enter to win a custom Warframe Kishi Ultra Controller for the ultimate Warframe experience on the go. Players looking to flex their digital photography skills in-game can also participate in a 1999-themed screenshot contest to win rewards like Protea Prime and Platinum currency.

In-person: Today Digital Extremes revealed TennoCon attendees will have an opportunity to meet select members of Warframe’s voice cast during autograph sessions on the show floor, including Nick Apostolides (Resident Evil 4), joining the Warframe: 1999 cast in an unannounced role, Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI) and Alpha Takahashi (Cyberpunk 2077) as Arthur and Aoi in Warframe:1999, with Gianni Matragrano (Ultrakill) as Jade Shadows’ The Stalker and Kevin Lim (Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora) from The Duviri Paradox.

Warframe Workshops are also planned for fans to spend closer time with specific teams in the Vent Kids Clubhouse including:


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