Button City Soccer Days, the cozy soccer role-playing game set shortly after the events of the original Button City, celebrates women in games with a developer spotlight in today’s Dames4Games showcase. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the development process that gives Button City its signature charm, featuring Co-founder and Art Director Shandiin Woodward and 3D Artist Valentina Hawes.

Revisit the diorama town of Button City just in time for soccer season. Embark on another adorable adventure with Fennel the Fox and his Fluff Squad pals. Corporate fat cat Pepperbottom has a new scheme: enlisting elite soccer academy players to dominate the local championship. Join forces with rival crew the Tuff Fluffs to thwart Pepperbottom’s latest cash-grab.

Go for gold in physics-based matches to move up the bracket against Pepperbottom’s draft picks. Pay close attention to the weather patterns and other troubles - poor conditions, injuries, and more affect matches and the narrative itself.

Strategically manage a team and prepare for steep competition. Analyze player stats to build optimal teams for each match, and train for the big game.

Practice kicks and fancy footwork in Free Play and challenge friends to fur-filled matches in Local Multiplayer!

Button City Soccer Days begins its tournament arc on Switch this year and will be available for $19.99.

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