Nintendo is always looking to bring in new employees to help build their empire. The studio added over 400 fresh faces in its last fiscal year, and it looks like the hiring rush is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Nintendo has posted a series of job listings, and almost all of them are tied to the Switch Online service. The job listings are as follows:

  • Game Software Development Technical Coordinator
  • Front-end Engineer (Nintendo Switch Online)
  • Back-end Engineer (Nintendo Switch Online)
  • Director/Planner (Nintendo Switch Online)

While first glance at these jobs might not seem like anything exciting, there may be something to the Switch Online hires. There’s no doubt Nintendo is slowly-but-surely moving to the Switch’s successor, which would make it awfully late in the game to hire new staffers for Switch Online-related jobs. While it’s purely speculation, you’d have to think new hires in that area of Nintendo would point to the Switch Online service moving over to the Switch’s successor in some fashion.

As always, nothing is official until Nintendo says so. Let’s hope they clue us in to all things Switch successor related sometime in the near future!

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1M ago

Good on them for being able to add jobs to the industry in this climate.