Marvelous is releasing the seventh free content update for their Nintendo Switchâ„¢-exclusive fashion and communication title, Fashion Dreamer, today. The update lets you dress your Muses as the belles of the ball, or the princes charming them, with the latest items from the Fairy Tale Fair!

All of this free content is comes with a patch for the base game, which brings things up to Ver. 1.5.1. Full details on this patch can be found below.

Bug Fixes

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Game crashes after a Lookit at a specific stage and location
  • The game may crash if you climb the stairs near the entrance to the Showroom Stream in Cocoon ACT immediately after a Lookit is made for a Character or Player Muse.

New Features and Content

  • 7th limited-time Fair: Fairy-tale Fair
  • 6 patterns
  • 1 hairstyle
  • 1 eye colour
  • 2 poses
  • 6 photo frames
  • 4 showroom items
  • Adds 10 new patterns
  • Adds 1 hair colour
  • Adds 1 eyebrow colour
  • Adds 1 eyelash colour
  • Adds 1 beard colour
  • Adds 5 lips colours
  • Adds 1 make-up colour

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