Legacy Games announced today that three collections of the popular Shopping Clutter brain-jogging series are available now for Nintendo Switch. Join the Walker family on a wide variety of adventures in Spring Blossom, Winter Break and Halloween Mystery. With five games in each collection comprising 300 puzzles, players will enjoy hours of fun finding and matching thematic objects.

Shopping Clutter: Halloween Mystery

There’s always something to do in Animalville! Help Granny Sheep with her flower shop, work on building the perfect playground, open your own cafe with the Walkers, or maybe try your hand as a barber. Lend a hand with the celebrations, too! Help Uncle Rat turn his antique store into Dracula’s lair for Halloween, set up the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day for Panther and Sloth, and don’t miss out on decorating the Christmas tree, either!

Shopping Clutter: Winter Break

Tackle hundreds of colorful clutter levels, full of obstacles and challenges, and use your sharp eyes to uncover the items you need! Look for matching pairs, sets of three, items of the same color or type, and more. Drop your finds on conveyor belts and watch the points stack up! Then, unscramble beautiful pictures in tile and sliding puzzles. Don’t forget to choose your difficulty mode—you can go zen with no time limit, or set yourself up for a challenge. With over two thousand levels and hundreds of puzzles, you’ll never be bored with you’re in Animalville!

Shopping Clutter: Spring Blossom

The Walkers were disappointed by the absence of a place in their town where children of all ages and their parents could spend pleasant time together… so the whole family decided to arrange the perfect playground! But as it turns out, it’s not as easy as they thought. There’s lots to clean up and sort out before the animals of the town can enjoy their new playground! Help out in Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground. Bask in 5 clutter games, full of joy and growth as the flowers bloom and the weather turns!

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