The existence of LEGO Horizon Adventures was rumored for quite some time, but that didn’t make the official reveal any less surprising. The Horizon series isn’t the first you might think of when pondering franchises for LEGO adaptations, but the trailer and screens have shown just how well the two worlds mesh together. That’s thanks in no small part to some very talented LEGO team members.

In an interview with VGC, Guerrilla’s narrative director James Windeler spoke on the importance of not just making LEGO Horizon Adventures look real, but feel real as well. This came with an incredible eye for detail only possible with the brightest minds inside LEGO itself.

“We had about five Master Builders [from Lego] working on the game and they were a big part of a lot of the development of how we would build this. Lego were generous and very solid partners in terms of consulting about things like how they move conformed to real Lego.”

[Guerrilla’s narrative director James Windeler]

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