Get ready adventurers, because the Tricky Trials Update is finally here! Update your copy of Minecraft: Java Edition or Bedrock Edition to the latest version and you’ll get to go on a hunt for the mysterious trial chambers, take on the challenges found between its tuff and copper walls, and walk away with some seriously smashing rewards.

Tricky Trials doesn’t just bring a new structure, decorative blocks, hostile mobs, weapons, items, crafting possibilities, paintings, pottery sherds, armor trims, and banners. Believe it or not, it’s also filled with traps, trials, and treasure! You can read about all of these incredible features in our in-depth article here, or you can find your nearest sofa/desk chair/park bench and play it for yourself – because the Tricky Trials Update is out today, in both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

In fact, we think this news is so important that you should stop reading this article and go and play the update, instead. Even if you’re at school. Even if you’re at work. Even if you’re in already sat in a dentist’s chair!

If you’re interested in the official patch notes for the Tricky Trials update, you can find those here.

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