Gather ‘round and ready your least damaged attire, Dead by Daylight’s Twisted Masquerade has returned. From June 13th 11 AM ET – July 4th 11 AM ET, take a seat at the table and experience a delightfully unhinged bash that only The Fog can provide.

Don’t let the macabre atmosphere fool you – this is a party, damn it. Don’t you see the balloons? The Hooks? The Generators?? It took us hours to decorate Father Campbell’s Chapel! Alright, fine. Here’s a goodie bag with a shiny Flashlight, Med-Kit, and Toolbox. Why yes, that is Twisted Masquerade original.

These invitations must be coming from somewhere, right? This year’s Masquerade marks the arrival of the host du jour, a figure as enigmatic as she is eccentric, as gleefully unhinged as the most exhilarating nightmare. Though she goes by many names, you will come to know her primarily as Tryks. In fact, she happens to play a central role in this year’s gameplay event. On that note…

This Twisted Masquerade, Invitations are the name of the game. They will be placed throughout every Trial, placed atop an ornate Masquerade Pillar. Once you procure one, you’ll find yourself gaining otherworldly – and helpful – Abilities:


  • Block a window vault for the Killer.
  • Spawn a Fragile Pallet whether in and out of a chase.
  • Activate Quiet mode, which lowers your footsteps, breathing, grunts of pain, and entering/exiting a locker.


  • Teleport a Survivor directly to a Hook when carrying them on your shoulders.
  • Remotely break a Pallet
  • Reduce the impact of a stun.

Once an Invitation ability is activated, the charge is used up and you must find another one. You can carry maximum of 2 Invitations at a time, and charges will regenerate over time. Don’t be afraid to use your abilities freely – that’s what they’re for!

Having an invitation in your back pocket can be advantageous, but there’s another wildcard at play. Literally – a wild card courtesy of Tryks, who isn’t exactly known for playing with a full deck.

At the beginning of every Trial a set of 5 cards will be randomly selected to impact the match. Once revealed, they will activate in order, with the first card activating at the beginning of the Trial.

Once the Trial begins, players will be able to activate the next card by collectively earning points through in-game actions like Hooking a Survivor for the first time or finishing a Generators. After 2 points, a new card will Activate, replacing the previous one.

What do the cards do, you ask?

  • You’re Invited - All players instantly receive a charged Invitation.
  • No Invite For You! - All players instantly lose an Invitation.
  • Peekaboo! - All players have their Aura briefly revealed.
  • Move It Or Lose It! - All players gain a Haste bonus for a duration.
  • Heal You, Expose You! - All injured Survivors are healed and immediately Exposed.
  • Wait, Where…? - Survivors leave no Scratch Marks and the Killer is Undetectable.
  • Party Totem! - All Dull Totems are revealed and transform to Anniversary Totems, which remain until the next card.
  • Party Chest! - All unopen Chests become Anniversary Chests.
  • Zzl Zilch! - Nothing happens.

The Twisted Masquerade introduces a new Event Tome, featuring 3 levels of Challenges and 3 Community Challenges to complete. Complete challenges to earn Gilded Trinkets, which can be used to unlock lavish Outfits for the Masquerade’s guests of honor, Bill Overbeck and The Unknown, 12 new Masks for Killer and Survivor, and several unique Charms and Player Cards.

You can also purchase previous Event Cosmetics for both Killer and Survivor, including the fan-favourite masks from previous Masquerades, by heading to the in-game store.

It’s a time of celebration, and we’ve got you covered with daily login rewards for the Event’s entire duration. Check out the full list below to take home 750,000 Bloodpoints and 70 Rift Fragments. We’re also giving away 100 Gilded Trinkets to get you started, which can be claimed on any day until the Event ends on July 3rd.

Each gift period starts at 11 AM ET and runs for 24 hours.

  • June 13th – 50,000 BP & 100 Gilded Trinkets (Gilded Trinkets are available whenever a player logs in during the Event)
  • June 14th – 25,000 BP
  • June 15th – 15 Rift Fragments
  • June 16th – 75,000 BP
  • June 17th – 10 Rift Fragments
  • June 18th – 50,000 BP
  • June 19th – 10 Rift Fragments
  • June 20th – 50,000 BP
  • June 21st – 25,000 BP
  • June 22nd – 75,000 BP
  • June 23rd – 75,000 BP
  • June 24th – 25,000 BP
  • June 25th – 50,000 BP
  • June 26th – 50,000 BP
  • June 27th – 50,000 BP
  • June 28th – 25,000 BP
  • June 29th – 15 Rift Fragments
  • June 30th – 75,000 BP
  • July 1st – 10 Rift Fragments
  • July 2nd – 50,000 BP
  • July 3rd – 10 Rift Fragments

Is your repertoire missing a crucial Perk for your build? There’s no better time to catch up with the Shrine of Secrets Sale, which offers a 25% discount on every Perk that appears in the Shrine. The Shrine resets every day at 11:00 AM ET, so be sure to keep an eye out.

This content also comes with an update to Ver. 8.0.1. You can find the patch notes for this update here.

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