Gang Beasts has been updated to Ver. 1.23. You can find the patch notes for this update below.


  • fixed an issue that could make the Input menu unresponsive
  • fixed an issue that could stop the trawler from sinking on the trawler stage
  • fixed an issue that left costume parts on screen after a player has left and online game session
  • fixed an issue that stopped removed players from respawning in waves
  • fixed an issue where AI enemies could spawn without rendering
  • fixed an issue with the train geometry spawning above the tracks on the train stage
  • fixed some issues that allowed invalid numbers of players in some online game sessions
  • fixed some issues that could leave players stuck loading into online game sessions
  • fixed an issue that stopped players starting a new Waves session without manipulating the menu settings
  • fixed some issues with AI enemies spawning inconsistently modified the cephalopod tentacles on the aquarium stage to make the targeting of players more aggressive
  • modified the configuration of spawn volumes on the gondola stage
  • optimized the length of game loading times with the Addressables Asset System
  • standardized the listing of game modes in the mode selection menu

Nintendo Switch

  • fixed numerous issues with local wireless game modes

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