One of the more surprising stories this month has been the reveal of LEGO Horizon Adventures. The game was rumored to be in development, but seeing it revealed was a pleasant surprise. What ended up being way more shocking was the news of the game heading to Switch! This is Aloy’s debut on Nintendo platforms, but if Guerilla Games has their way, she’ll be popping up in one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.

LEGO Horizon Adventures coming to Switch shows that there’s the slightest of wiggle room for Sony and Nintendo to play nice in the future. Only time will tell if the two companies end up partnering again, but the gang at Guerilla has one place they’d love for Aloy to make an appearance; Smash Bros.

In an interview with Kotaku, Tim Symons, franchise development lead producer at Guerrilla Games, was asked if LEGO Horizon Adventures coming to Switch could mean that Aloy might join the roster of the world’s biggest fighting game. Symons simply responded with the following:

“That’d be nice. If you speak to Nintendo and they want to invite us let me know.”

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