Life is Strange: Double Exposure is an all-new supernatural murder mystery that continues the story of Max Caulfield from the first title. Seeing Max return is extremely exciting for franchise fans, but it also had fans wondering just how the first game’s endings would be addressed. Thankfully, we now have an answer.

While the specifics weren’t shared, developer Deck Nine did note that Double Exposure is going to recognize both endings of the first Life is Strange outing. We won’t get into spoilers on those endings, but the long and short of it is that the original game can end in one of two ways based on a decision you make. The endings are quite different, yet Double Exposure is going to give players a peek at how both routes continue on.

We know that at some point, Max will talk to her friend Safi about her past, and that will give players the chance to mention which ending they went with in the original game. The implications this choice has on the sequel’s story weren’t mentioned, but it seems like diehard fans will have reason to play through this game at least twice!


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I’m hoping that it’s more than just a few lines of dialogue. The timeline-hopping nature of the game makes me want Max to actually travel between the timelines created by those endings because they have massive ramifications on what her life would be like afterward, as well those of other people in the game’s world.