Kingdom Hearts fans are very familiar with the works of Hikaru Utada, as she’s the singer behind the unforgettable intro and outro songs to various franchise installments. Utada has been quite active on her YouTube channel lately, showing the Kingdom Hearts franchise even more love with fresh music videos, and today brings us yet another piece to enjoy.

Utada has just published a visualizer version of “Face My Fears,” the opening theme song for Kingdom Hearts III, to her YouTube channel. This was no doubt released to spread the word on various Kingdom Hearts titles heading to Steam, but us Switch owners can still enjoy the tracks too!

This version of Face My Fears was made in collaboration with Skrillex, and the visualizer features art from Kingdom Hearts creator, Tetsuya Nomura. Grab some headphones/earbuds, crank up the volume and get hit with yet another wave of nostalgia!

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