Nintendo has been running commercials for their games and hardware for decades now, but way back in the day, Nintendo wasn’t a name anyone in the states knew about. That meant Nintendo had to find other ways to get a foothold here in America, and that resulted in some interesting partnerships.

While not 100% confirmed, it seems that the Mego “Time-Out” Toss-Up toy commercial is the very first example of Nintendo TV advertising in the United States. Nintendo collaborated with Mego to release their Game & Watch: Ball handheld stateside, which led to the portable being renamed the Mego “Time-Out” Toss-Up. Pretty wild to see a Nintendo produce advertised with nary a mention of the Big N!

This advertisement, produced by DuRona Productions, seems to be the first ever American commercial for a Nintendo product. The Video Game History Foundation helped recover this 16mm film, which was acquired by historian Chris Kohler. The film had significantly degraded, but film vendor Movette Film Transfer was able to digitally restore most of the color. The end result is an incredibly interesting piece of Nintendo history, and one that is no longer lost to time.

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1M ago

Really cool stuff, would fit perfect in game preservation museums to loop together with similar media!