RedDeer.Games, a developer and publisher that specializes in games for Nintendo Switch, has announced the release date of their new puzzle game – Fit My Zoo. Players will now have the chance to go on holiday with a couple of wacky animals. What are these guys trying to do? Fit on a pool floatie. To go on a holiday with those goobers and assist them during the floatie crisis, players will be able to grab the game today.

Many have heard of cats trying to sit anywhere they can fit, be it cardboard boxes or kitchen pots. In Fit My Zoo a group of animals decided to go on vacation to a luxurious hotel with an exterior pool. A dream come true, isn’t it? Well, it would be one if not for the fact that there is only one floatie…

The players’ task will be to pick up said animals and fit them all on the floatie. From giraffes and hippos to chameleons and sloths – animals of all shapes and sizes want a piece.

Arranging these guys might feel like herding cats at some points (I’m looking at you, lion) but nothing is impossible with a bit of rotating. Players will be able to pick up each animal and align it as much as they want to fit it perfectly onto the floatie.

Fit My Zoo will have 96 levels and 28 unique animals to sort. All of them have their own quirks and moving parts – like the sassy glance of a capybara or funky balancing act of a flamingo. Hand-drawn, quirky characters and chill vibes of the perfect summer trip will help players ease themselves into their own holiday season.

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