Extinction Rifts "Official" Trailer

The next big boomer shooter?

14 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Inspired by classic titles and with graphic style of the first PlayStation console, Extinction Rifts pays homage to the golden age of the genre and brings new gameplay elements. A frenetic action boomer shooter where your power of destruction increases as you shoot enemies and destroy objects. The more you fight, the more energy you store in your special glove, capable of eliminating all the enemies in an entire stage with a single punch. Manage your pace of play and see how devastating your punch can be!

Extinction Rifts is scheduled for release in the second half of 2024 and the game will be released on Switch. Check out how things are coming along in the new trailer above.

In a dystopian future, mysterious monoliths have suddenly appeared on planet earth, causing fear and doubt. Humanity, fearful of the origin and power of these artifacts, began to debate what should be done, always inclined to destroy them.

However, a paramilitary terrorist group called New World has taken possession of five of the monoliths around the world in order to use their supposed powers for their cause: the selective extinction of the human race!

It’s now up to you, armed with a super-powerful item, the Adreno-Gauntlet, to locate all the monoliths and destroy them completely to ensure the survival of the planet!

In Extinction Rifts, an enormous amount of power is required to destroy the monoliths and only the Adreno-Gauntlet is capable of doing it. Can you destroy them all and avoid extinction?

Game features:

Fast-paced combat and arcade gameplay, FPS mechanics combined with time and energy management, Secrets scattered throughout the stages, Special abilities and different weapons, The “Extinction Punch”: a powerful punch capable of destroying an entire level and completing the stage immediately, High replayability with player rankings, weapon unlocks and new abilities, Multiple endings, Special filter for pixelated visuals, Play your way: it’s possible to finish the game even without using your super powerful punch.

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