First Dwarf "Co-op" trailer

Always better with a buddy

14 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The developers at Star Drifters have shared a new trailer for First Dwarf to spread the word on this upcoming title. Players can tackle the challenges, trials, and tribulations the game offers alone or with a friend in co-op mode, and you can see that in action above.

In First Dwarf, players become Tru— a dwarven explorer who sets out to build colonies on the floating islands of Driftland. Shipwrecked Tru must prepare for the dangers of the sky-high land, building defenses and infrastructure for the future colonists. Fortunately, with dwarven engineering skills, he can repair and pilot a powerful mech, which proves itself in combat, gathering resources and building. With various upgrades, this pinnacle of fantasy tech will eventually become the ultimate exploration machine. The mech’s offensive arsenal will also come in handy, as the uncharted lands are inhabited by mysterious creatures hostile to the dwarven newcomers.

But the gigantic mech is not enough to uncover all the mysteries of Driftland. Ragna, a she-dragon, is a playable companion who aids Tru in his quest. Her small size, ability to fly, and breathe fire make her a great addition to the dwarven skills of the protagonist. The game can be played in co-op (split screen and online) with each protagonist doing their job.

Building a colony and managing the settlers is another part of Tru’s job. With tower defense mechanisms, the settlement can be prepared for the worst. But it’s not all about survival —Tru will have to balance and fulfill the needs of new inhabitants, providing them with resources, shelter, and entertainment to boost their happiness. Only a prosperous society will allow our protagonist to pursue his own personal goal—discovering what evil taints these lands and what happened to the previous dwarven expeditions, including the one led by his father.

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