We’ve had plenty of stories over the years about stolen Nintendo game cards and hardware, but none of them have been quite like this.

A woman was trying to leave Hong Kong for a trip to China when Customs stopped her due her nervous nature and ill-fitting top. The woman was taken to a private area for inspection, which is when the Customs agents found 350 Switch game cards crammed into her bra. The value of the game card collection was just shy of $10k.

In China, “hiding, disguising, concealing declarations, false declarations or other means, transporting, carrying, or mailing goods that are prohibited or restricted from entry or exit by the state.” If you’re going through things the legal route, you would have to pay taxes on the items you’re bringing in. It seems unlikely Switch game cards would fall into the “restricted” category of goods, but there was definitely some fines being dodged. On top of that, it seems probable that these game cards were obtained through ill-gotten measures.

While we don’t know the legal outcome for this woman yet, she’ll likely have to pay a fine that’s at least triple what she would have paid if she took the legal route.


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1M ago

Not sure that was the breast way to smuggle these.


1M ago

Unfortunate. She was caught in a booby trap.

I hope she was only going after first party games; they’re the tits.


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1M ago

I missed the part where it said game CARDS and thought she was smuggling the boxes too. I was like, dang, how well endowed IS this woman? Ha ha.


1M ago

Almost missed this story. Gotta keep abreast with the news.

I hope she can get this whole mess off her chest. Then I can send her a card that says 'Breats wishes. Move on and forget about tit.'