Control stick drift has unfortunately been a burden for the Switch since it’s launch in 2017, however GuliKit has been offering a solution. For a while the peripheral manufacturer has sold stand alone Hall effect “anti-drift” sticks for Joy-Con and now The Verge is reporting they plan to expand this offering to other controllers.

GuliKit plans to release Hall effect control stick upgrade kits for Sony DualSense, DualShock 4, Xbox Series gamepad, and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. To be clear, these are not full controllers but rather control sticks that you will have to attach yourself so while it’s not an ideal solution to the drift problem it is still an option for those frustrated with the state of their controllers.

Other than the confirmation these kits will be available to purchase later this year and the promise they contain “a very new patented technology which is different from our current hall effect joystick.” there isn’t much additional information at this time. We will keep you updated on new details of these stick kits as they become relevant.

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This should be a Top Story. It’s big news. RMC just made a Patreon post yesterday about how much he wants the Pro Controller to have the Hall effect and it looks like his wish just came true.

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1M ago

I was under the impression that only Joy Cons have the drift problem. That's why it's called 'Joy Con Drift'.


1M ago


They have it to a much greater degree, but the pro controller (and many other analogue sticks) can also have drift. I've had it in my pro controller and also the wii u game pad.