At some point during the Switch’s lifespan, there was at least a little bit of chatter about the potential for Final Fantasy XIV on the platform. While the desire was there, the plan never panned out. That doesn’t mean the dream is completely dead for Nintendo fans though…

During an interview with Easy Allies, Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida was asked about interest in bringing the game over to the Switch’s successor. While there wasn’t a 100% commitment, Yoshida made it very clear that there’s interest in making the port happen.

“My dream, or goal, for more than ten years at this points is for players to be able to play Final Fantasy XIV regardless of device, and be able to access the servers to go in and access the same world. … we’ve been talking for years to bring the game on the Xbox platform, and so of course we would love to have our title available on the Nintendo platform, and we do want to continue our efforts. But it did take a lot of time – with Xbox, we literally have talked for years, and it is now finally coming to fruition. We will try our best and continue to work hard at it and continue our efforts. Eventually, it would be cool – something that we would love to sort of explore and make a reality one day.”

[Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy XIV director]

We certainly know that if a port did happen, hardware power wouldn’t be a concern anymore. In other words, it seems like it would just be a matter of time, money and resource allotment to make it happen. Let’s hope with Square Enix’s renewed interest in multiplatform gaming, they put some serious consideration into bringing Final Fantasy XIV on Switch’s successor.

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