Developer Dreamirl is currently working on their pixel art Metroidvania Noreya: The Gold Project, which is currently in early access on Steam. While there’s no official release date yet, the developers have pledged to bring the game to Switch when it’s ready.

Noreya: The Gold Project offers players a choice between allegiance to the Gods of Light and Shadow or the gods of Corruption and Gold. But be careful; decisions made in the game affect your progression by changing the available paths and abilities.

Salluste, the God of Avarice, took power over the city of Lemia after imprisoning the Goddess of Light. Kali, a fighter who lost everything at the hands of the gods, sets out for the city to verify the rumors surrounding this new god who corrupts and subjugates humans in exchange for wealth.

Explore the City of Gold and its cathedral, confront the creatures of shadow and gold, pledge allegiance to the god of your choice to embody their power, or detach yourself from the gods and suffer their wrath. Again

  • Meticulously crafted pixel art
  • 2 Unique persistent worlds that evolve according to your chosen allegiance to the gods (The Path of Gold or The Path of Light)
  • A skill tree with over 50 abilities!
  • 12 memorable bosses you can face in any order
  • Over 25 totally unique monsters with innovative gameplay surrounding each monster.
  • Easy-to-play, hard-to-master controls.
  • Smooth, pleasant platforming.
  • Fast, dynamic gameplay.
  • Pixel-perfect combat, subtle and accessible.
  • Several possible endings.
  • An original, epic soundtrack by Sarys and Xavier Dang (MisterMV), which evolves according to your allegiance.
  • An original storyline scattered around the world: find all the steles in the game to understand the history and mysteries surrounding the gods (optional storyline).
  • A non-linear map: discover the world as you please

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