For their next project, WayForward is resurrecting the classic Atari game Yars’ Revenge. Their sequel is called Yars Rising, and it’s a pretty big departure from the original in many ways. Recently, WayForward CEO Voldi Way and Yars Rising designer James Montagna sat down at IGN Live 2024 to talk more about what the game has to offer.

In addition to showing off a brand new gameplay trailer, WayForward shared insight into the game’s development and inspirations, as well as what lessons they took from working with Nintendo on Advance Wars 1+2 ReBoot Camp. You can watch the full interview above, or check out the highlights here:

  • 20 different music artists from North America, Australia, and Japan worked on a variety of music genres for Yars Rising
  • Several different types of gameplay are featured: side-scrolling action, platforming, light stealth elements, and hacking minigames
  • Hacking minigames are specifically inspired by the original Yars’ Revenge on Atari
  • The world and storytelling were inspired by anime, features a fully voiced cast of diverse characters and cyberpunk aesthetic
  • Other game influences include various Metroidvanias, Mega Man, and Wario-Ware for the hacking minigames
  • Yars Rising will come out sometime later this year

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