Masahiro Sakurai has amassed millions of subscribers, tons of videos and even multiple awards for his work on his “Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games” YouTube Channel. You’d think that would be all the more reason to continue, but Sakurai apparently has the complete opposite in mind.

Back in January, a Community Note from Sakurai on YouTube saw the developer wish subscribers a happy new year and also inform everyone that he’s going to “wrap up” the Channel sometime in 2024. Sakurai also noted that he’d be moving on from the series to tackle another project.

Today we’ve learned just how much closer we are to this video series ending, as Sakurai shared that he’s officially recorded his final video in the series. That said, Sakurai stated that he thinks “it will be a while before it is released,” and told fans to continue enjoying the series until that final air date.

Should Sakurai give more advance notice on when the final video in his development series is set to drop, we’ll bring that info to you. Until then, savor each and every video that pops up!

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1M ago

This has been a really interesting series!


1M ago

He's said before that he would be done with the series if a video game project comes along. Time to get ready for the next Smash! Or at least Smash Ultimate DX. It's actually hard telling how they're going to go about it, but now I'm leaning toward Sakurai still being Smash Director. He just can't resist.

Since I'm still pining for a Kid Icarus Uprising remaster, I wonder how involved Sakurai would have to be with that? It seems like he would just be a mentor there.