Hunter Chronicles: Tara and Vyn is a turn-based JRPG with gameplay inspired heavily by the Mario and Luigi series. Platform your way through many colorful locations by using various overworld abilities that change the way you play, and beat up baddies in a familiar and polished mix of turn-based combat and skill-based action commands that combines strategy and challenge, with a jammin’ soundtrack, crisp pixel graphics, smooth and expressive animations, and an emotional storyline!

While not officially mentioned in the Kickstarter, the game’s developer reached out to say that if the game reaches full funding, which sits at $80k, the plan is to bring the game to the Switch’s successor. If you do help fund this title, please know that you are dedicating your money towards getting the game out on PC specifically.

Hunter Chronicles: Tara and Vyn includes the following:

  • Turn-based RPG combat with an action spin! Time your attacks for extra damage, then dodge and counter enemy attacks in real time!
  • Controlling two characters at once, each having their own moves to perform in the overworld and in-battle.
  • Unique, colorful areas to explore, connected by a vast overworld hiding optional secret dungeons, caves, and goodies to find everywhere!
  • A world filled with platforming challenges and dungeons full of puzzles.
  • A memorable Soundtrack filled with catchy bops, exciting battle themes, and emotional undertones.
  • Character driven and Lore-Rich story, with plenty of humor, a focus on worldbuilding, and lovable characters.
  • Smooth Pixel animations brimming with personality!

To learn more about the game or help fund the release, check out the official Kickstarter here.

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1M ago

Not a super-huge fan of the GBA-esque graphic style, but everything else looks super charming, and it's clear the developers are putting a lot of passion into this project. And hey, I'm always down for a Mario and Luigi spiritual successor. Consider me interested.

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1M ago

kinda agree with the other posters post about the graphics style, and im more specific with it that the enviroments overall could be a good thing to out a bit more time into (looks very gammakerish or whatever the engine is, generic when it could stand out a bit more).