The next big title in the Sonic lineup is Sonic X Shadow Generations, which is going to give franchise fans the best of both worlds. There will be plenty for Sonic fans to enjoy from the outing, but this time around we’ll also be able to enjoy all sorts of Shadow content as well. According to Sonic Team, Shadow fans in particular will find a lot to enjoy.

In an interview with Game Rant, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka opened up about the kind of experience Shadow fans can expect. Apparently, you won’t be able to find a game that better distills everything Shadow has to offer.

For people who don’t know Shadow who are asking, “Who is this hedgehog? Is this like… a Dark Sonic? Is that what’s going on?” We’re doing the same thing for Shadow by walking through his legacy and history to answer those questions. We get to tell his story. Fans are going to love it because they’re going to be like, “Yes. This is everything I love about the character,” but first-time players are going to get to walk through all of his history and legacy, so they’ll walk away understanding Shadow as well.

[Takashi Iizuka]

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Must be sad not knowing Shadow the Hedgehog