It’s nearly summer, and SAT-BOX is getting ready to fire up the grill for the 4th entry in their “Make It!” series: “Make It! Yakitori.”

The “Make It!” series, with past titles “Make It! Ikayaki,” “Make It! Taiyaki,” and “Make It! Takoyaki,” offers a streamlined, fun, and mouth-watering experience making Japanese street foods. “Make It! Yakitori” is slated to release on 6/27/2024 on the Nintendo e-Shop in English and Japanese.

More about the game:

It’s time to cook a street food staple: yakitori!
Grill them with sauce, grill them with salt, and make all sorts of popular yakitori styles!
Let’s make yakitori on the Nintendo Switch™! Share Joy-Con™ and play with up to 4 players!
Work efficiently, make as many as you can before time runs out, and reach for the ultimate high score!
There are two styles of yakitori to make, shio (salty style) and tare (sauce style). Learn the ins and outs of both to become a yakitori master!
Steps to make shio yakitori! (Salty)

  1. Cover with salt and pepper!
  2. Mist with sake!
  3. Flip over when the underside begins to cook!
  4. Flip over when the topside begins to cook!
  5. Pack it up when both sides are well-done!

Steps to make tare yakitori! (Sauce)

  1. When both sides begin to cook, add sauce!
  2. When both sides have cooked partway, add sauce again!
  3. Pack it up when both sides are well-done!

Play Modes
【Score Attack】
Make as many yakitori as you can and aim for a high spot on the leaderboards!
Compete with others and test your yakitori-making skills!


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