Nintendo has announced that the June Nintendo Direct presentation is set to air live on June 18th, 2024, at 7:00 AM PST. It will be roughly 40 minutes in length, focusing on Nintendo Switch games launching in the second half of 2024.

There will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor during this presentation.

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Just someone who spent most of his childhood playing Smash Bros with my brother, which led me to explore more games. Favorite franchises include Xenoblade and Kirby.

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1M ago

This was guarenteed after the Among Us blog post goof, but still nice to see regardless.


1M ago

Another 'TRUE'mour from the spiders and flies!


1M ago

Ok no news of the successor, but still I kinda count on a E3 worthy surprise tomorrow! ^-^


1M ago

Manage your expectations, but also expect all of your wildest dreams to come true. It’s time for another a June direct. Keep hands and arms inside the coaster please.

I’m predicting there will only be a single game that mentions farming or harvesting, but it won’t be the focus of the title. The haters will have to fall back on ‘too much anime crap’ , and even then there probably won’t be that much


1M ago

My expectations aren’t high and I don’t mean that as a slight. We’re in the liminal space before a new console after all. Anything about Metroid Prime 4 and either the Fire Emblem 4 or the Kid Icarus Uprising rumors being true will be enough for me.


1M ago

I hope they show the Switch successor!!


1M ago

Rule number 1: Never underestimate Nintendo. There will of course be fillers like, perhaps, those WW/TP games but they want to sell as many Switches still and this could very well be the last Switch only Direct, so a lovely swansong could be in the cards.

No big hypes, but Nintendo are known to surprise us =)

It starts at 4PM my time and OF COURSE I work until 5PM xD Typical...