In Steel Legion, play as a cyborg exploring an interconnected world while finding secrets and abilities, meeting NPCs and destroying a dangerous A.I. This game could end up coming to the NES if you help support it via Kickstarter, with the funding goal sitting at $26k. The project is very much on its way to that goal already, but you can help out by kicking in some funding here!

In the far-future dystopia of 2004, the world has fallen under the iron grip of a malevolent A.I. bent on wiping out humanity. Androids, once humanity’s creations, now serve as the enforcers of this techno-tyrant. But one cyborg commando, rebuilt with a human heart and a mission to save mankind, rises from the ashes of battle.

Armed to the teeth and fueled by vengeance, you will go through a battleground where every neon-lit street is a warzone. It’s man versus machine, metal against metal, in a battle for the fate of humanity itself.

In this pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride, it’s a fight to the death, and only one will emerge victorious: you or the A.I. Central Unit. Get ready for some cyborg commando action in… “Steel Legion”!

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