Roots of Pacha, the co-op farming & life simulation game set in the Stone Age developed by Soda Den, expands its community of more than 200,000 players with its debut on Xbox One and Series X S consoles alongside the launch of version 1.2 on Switch Wednesday, July 31, 2024 — now with full support for Korean and Traditional Chinese languages.

Version 1.2 dramatically increases the number of options for children, introducing school-age as part of their development alongside the newborn and toddler phases. Enroll the young ones into School where they will bond with others, develop their personalities, and discover the professions they want to pursue. Each child’s combination of parentage, personality, and profession leads to distinct dialog and gifts to earn.

Romance options expand with new dialogue, new Union reception options, and the ability to smooch beloved partners in the Union ceremony. Toggle the new “Available to date” setting to disable dating advances from other people.

Customize Pachans with new skin tones and hair colors. Ride mammoths, spiders, cave lions, and wolves as new mount options. As friendship progresses with pets, they can begin to fetch items from different areas to obtain items like herbs or meat. Utilize the olla, a new watering Idea that can help save time, especially in the early and middle of the game.

This major update also implements a variety of quality-of-life improvements. Utilize intermediate saves by going to the bed and choosing “Save at current time.” Put multiple items in processors at once by holding the action button, take UI-free screenshots, utilize new sorting methods, and much more.

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