Embody the power and spirit of the Avengers with Thor, Hulk and Captain America. With alternate Costumes, Emotes and Celebrations, you’re bound to be the hero our Blunderdome needs! Grab Thor & Jane Foster in store from June 18th, Hulk & World Breaker Hulk from June 27th and Captain America & Sam Wilson from July 4th!

You’re invited to dive and dodge your way to victory in the pantheon of clumsy. Rookie or pro? Solo or partied up? Fall Guys delivers ever-evolving, high-concentrated hilarity and fun. Prefer to be the maverick behind the mayhem? Build your very own obstacle course to share with friends or the wider community.

Create your own Course: Fall Guys Creative is a level editor that allows you to create fiendish custom Rounds and share them with the wider community.

Competitive & Cooperative: Tumble between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges—or take on the Blunderdome with up to 3 friends!

Play with Friends: Fall Guys supports cross-play, cross-platform parties and cross-progression via your Epic Games Account.

Ever-Evolving Content: Play stays fresh with new collabs and game updates which bring new Costumes, Obstacles, and ways to play.

Gloriously Customizable: Choose from a multitude of Colors, Patterns, Costumes and Nameplates. Relish wins with extravagant Celebrations and share your flair with Emotes!

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