Indie developer and self-publisher The Behemoth is releasing the second part of the previously announced updates to their fifth title, Alien Hominid Invasion, on Nintendo Switch today, June 17th, 2024! With the release of “Update Part 2: The Juicy Variety Update”, aliens can divebomb back into the run’n’gun action with a variety of new and updated hazards, enemies, areas, and loot modifiers to the game, along with a brand new mutation!

After releasing on November 1st, 2023, Alien Hominid Invasion received the first part of this two-part update in early December, adding 23 new achievements, seasonal head unlocks, and an improved map algorithm. The Behemoth is ever grateful to players for sending in feedback and looks forward to players experiencing some of their requested changes being worked into the game.

“In update 1.3, we’ve made the most changes to the game since its release with new content that also springboards off other things that are already implemented, in an effort to create more variety on a level-to-level basis,” shared Dan Paladin, Art Director and co-founder of The Behemoth. “A new boss that can be defeated and driven as a vehicle and entirely new level layouts should help do the trick, but as always, we’ll be keeping an eye out for feedback and analyzing the changes ourselves to see if there’s anything else we can get done in a bang for our buck!”

This new ‘juicy’ second update will pack more variety into the game, along with new content and mechanics, including new beautiful level areas, dangerous new hazards (crafty aliens can use some to their advantage!), game-changing loot modifiers (dodge roll while dropping a bomb!), lower intel requirements (spend less time pushing papers!), a brand new alien mutation, and the ever-anticipated, all powerful mini-boss that you can pilot after defeating: the MECHA F.R.O.G.! (Giant Killer Metal Amphibian food not included, operate at your own risk).

Key Update Features

  • Brand new mutation (class): The Orbiter
  • New hazards (level modifiers) including the all new grind lines, for when you feel like skating a half-pipe while invading Earth
  • An all-new, formidable [frog] foe that turns into a vehicle upon defeat: The Mecha F.R.O.G.
  • New, hand-drawn level areas and background art
  • New loot modifiers, including the ability to drop bombs when you roll or dive
  • A Behemoth amount of balances, adjustments, and fixes, like a lower intel requirement (more time to kill agents, less time uploading!), and the much asked for higher danger level; you can now stay twice as long in a single level before being overwhelmed, but look out for similar scaling with enemies and projectiles!
  • The Ice Cream Man is here, no additional context.

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