Nintendo shut down online play for 3DS and Wii U games a few weeks back, not letting new players jump in for any internet-related activities. In advance of that shutdown, a number of players decided to connect online in various games in order to see how long they could stay active on the network. Sadly, yet another of those players has been knocked offline, officially ending their defiant streak.

After remaining online for 68 days past Nintendo’s online closure, Splatoon player Lcd101 has been knocked offline due to a disconnect. This wasn’t due to anything forced by Nintendo, but rather an accidental router service disruption. Either way, Splatoon’s final online player on the Wii U has dropped, which means Splatoon is officially 100% dead as far as Wii U online play goes.

Lcd101 hasn’t been able to do much of anything in the online arena for weeks now, but they remained connected just to see how long they could keep the experience going. With Lcd101 gone, that leaves just two other 3DS/Wii U online players connected to other games to see how long they can keep the memory alive; Fishguy6564 on Mario Kart 7 and SlitherySheep on Super Mario Maker. When those players end up getting knocked offline, we’ll let you know.

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