Wayforward announced Clock Tower: Rewind, the upcoming SNES-to-Switch adaptation, quite some time ago. In recent weeks we’ve gotten to see more of the game, including a fancy physical package, and today brings us details on some very special goodies included with all versions of the release.

Did you know that the original Clock Tower release on the Super Famicom also had a commercial sampler demo? This is a unique build of what would eventually become the retail release for Clock Tower, and believe it or not, Clock Tower: Rewind is going to include this sampler release as well.

The Clock Tower sampler demo included 3 levels for players to try ahead of the game’s release, and it was actually a custom-built experience rather than a snapshot of the game earlier in development. There are changes in item placement, background music, images and more, so this should be a real treat for the diehard fans out there.

To learn more about the Clock Tower sampler demo, check out the video above, which gives a complete breakdown of what the demo was, how it was discovered all these years later, and how the content will be implemented in Clock Tower: Rewind.

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mock turtle

1M ago

I am so excited for this remaster, it's gonna be a true definitive edition of one of the greatest ever.