Nintendo announced a couple weeks back that they’d be hosting a Nintendo Direct in June. That led to speculation as to when the Direct would air, with recent rumors pointing to June 18th, 2024. Today Nintendo confirmed those rumors to be true, with the Direct set for 10 AM ET on June 18th, 2024. Now the rumors shift to what will be shown, and we now have a juicy tidbit to share.

While nothing official has been mentioned just yet, it seems Ace Attorney fans might be eating good. Over on the social media platform Weibo, Nintendo fans have been following an account named Subo, which is apparently someone to follow if you want inside info on the Big N.. That account recently mentioned that Ace Attorney fans can look forward to seeing something crop up in tomorrow’s Direct, but specifics weren’t shared.

Adding more fuel to the fire is Pyoro, who is perhaps the biggest and most trustworthy leaker in the Nintendo scene. Pyoro clearly believes that Subo knows what’s up, as they’ve retweeted the information from Subo stating that Ace Attorney info is to be expected. With both Subo and Pyoro jumping in on this rumor, I’d say Ace Attorney details in tomorrow’s Direct are pretty much a lock!

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1M ago

I’m open to a new entry, but I’m expecting a remake of the Miles Edgeworth games. Actually, getting Investigations 2 in English at last (officially) would be a big deal.


1M ago


I didn't expect the two Miles Edgworth games being announced so soon after the Apollo Justice collection but I do hope you are right.

Edit: Damn Pyoro spoiling our fun again. I'd appreciate a neutral headline for Pyoro leaks.

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