The brand new update, v2024.6.18 is available for all Among Us players. You NEED to update the game if you want to play the new roles with everyone and see all the changes!

New Crewmate Role – Tracker 📡

Grab your bandana or maybe a shrub to hide behind as you keep tabs on a Crewmate. The Tracker has the ability to well… track a Crewmate’s location via the map for a limited amount of time. Catch those Impostors in a lie about where they’ve been and save the crew – or not…

New Crewmate Role – Noisemaker 🔊

No, the Noisemaker doesn’t actually sound like that, but they do sound off when they become the poor victim of an Impostor kill. There’s also a visual indicator of their death that appears on screen so your fellow Crewmates can run to catch the Impostor red handed (even if it’s not Red).

New Impostor Role – Phantom 👻

If you’ve ever wanted to just up and disappear when you’re the Impostor, we have great news. The new Impostor role, the Phantom, has the ability to turn invisible! Want to escape after the perfect kill? Activate your ability and sneak right by those dum Crewmates. Just remember it’s for a limited time so plan your escapes and appearances well!

Lobby Settings

When you spawn in the lobby you’ll notice that there’s a big empty space where the lobby settings used to be! The right side of the screen now has a menu to clearly display the room code, map, number of Crewmates, privacy, and game setting presets – more on that later.

When you’re a Crewmate waiting for the host, you’ll be able to view the settings that are applied by selecting ‘View‘ to pop out a handy overview menu so you can see what the host has set up.

If you’re the host, you’ll have a slightly different menu to tweak and dial in the settings for the next round when you select the ‘Edit‘ button.

Game Presets allow you to quickly change the setup between two options:

Core Settings – for those looking for a classic Among Us feel with no extra roles. Just you, your fellow Crewmates, and some Impostors.

Roles Galore – for those looking to spice up their lobbies by adding in roles to the mix (mmmmm, rolls). You can set the chances of the Tracker, Engineer, Scientist, Guardian Angel, Shapeshifter, and Phantom to be in the game.

There are also two presets available for Hide N Seek:

Pitch Dark – for those courageous Crewmates who want to hide in the darkness without a flashlight.

Flashlights – for those who like shining the light on things… like your Crewmates killed by the Seeker.

Patch Notes

The Fungle – Crewmates wont be stuck in the ladder climb animation if a Mushroom Mixup happens while climbing a ladder

Shapeshifters who are climbing a ladder when a meeting is called will no longer get stuck in the climbing animation

Airship and The Fungle as Shapeshifter – The Shapeshift duration timer now counts down correctly under all conditions

Classic and Hide N Seek – Desolation of Skeld Pet will now appear in the actual game and not guard their hoard in the dropship

Quick Chat – Text in the chat field will have the same colors as the quick chat builder

iOS – The “Pending Account Deletion” message is no longer hidden by the Friend List bar Child Accounts that become old enough to be full accounts will now receive permissions correctly

Scientist – The battery duration timer is is no longer blocked by the settings icon on some resolution settings

The Great Goalie visor now layers correctly with certain hats

Skeld – An extra button no longer appears on screen during the second part of the Inspect Sample task

Some players may experience the following known issues:

  • Practice Mode – Switching roles while tracking a dummy will track that dummy indefinitely
  • Lobby – Lobby updates may be shown with the incorrect icon and color under certain conditions
  • Lobby – Controller buttons may overlap the Game Settings update text when opening certain menus
  • Lobby – Description text may flicker when opening and closing the edit window
  • Skeld/Polus – A controller button icon may show up during Inspect Sample task Part 1 when not using a controller
  • Classic – Audio feedback may happen during certain cutscenes when some buttons are pressed
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