BUTTO BIRD, a brand new aerial battle action game from developer Locobit, was announced for Switch some time ago. It will be available this year in Japan, and today brought us a new look at the game in action. Check out the latest trailer for BUTTO BIRD above.

Fly, shoot, and blow them away! “BUTTO BIRD” is an aerial battle action game that allows up to 4-players to enjoy the exhilarating experience of flying freely through the sky with a charming and lovable “bird” equipped with a powerful “jetpack”. The game’s unique combination of cute and hardcore elements creates a thrilling and entertaining gameplay experience. At first, all 4-players are rivals, but suddenly it may become a 1 vs. 3 team battle. Within a limited time, only one winner will be determined! With simple controls, both beginners and advanced players can enjoy intense aerial battles together.

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