1000xRESIST is available right now on Switch, and we really, really, REALLY think you should check it out.. The game is a true achievement for narrative adventures, and that’s thanks to some stellar writing.

In an interview with TouchArcade, developer sunset visitor’s creative director Remy Siu opened up about the challenges of writing a game like 1000xRESIST. In particular, Siu detailed which of the game’s many characters was the most difficult to write for.

Bang Bang Fire (BBF) was always very challenging to write. We cast the actors before beginning the bulk of the writing, so it helped to have Felicia’s voice in our heads. However, BBF-isms are always difficult to come up with. This kind of awkwardness and willingness to say these strange things, as if she’s communicating 100% intelligibly in her mind. These BBF-isms are somewhat based on how a friend of ours talks. Just these strange and hilarious ways they would give us information. When in doubt, we would always try and recount examples that cracked us up to understand how BBF might say something.

[creative director Remy Siu]

That’s not all the 1000xRESIST news there is to share today, either. Switch owners can grab an update for the game right now, which bumps the version up to 1.0.3. This update adds in a map for the Orchard, which should make navigation considerably easier.

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